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St. Johns Soccer Academy is a prominent youth soccer training institution in St. Johns, Florida. Our primary focus was to provide an online presence that not only showcased their training programs but also facilitated parent engagement, easy payments, and practice schedule updates.

Saint Johns Soccer Academy

Client background

St. Johns Soccer Academy is a soccer academy specializing in youth soccer training in St. Johns, Florida. The academy is dedicated to nurturing young talents under the age of 12 and providing them with quality training that fosters their growth and development. Their commitment to creating a positive environment for children’s growth has set them apart in the industry. St. Johns Soccer Academy is known for its exceptional training programs, experienced coaches, and state-of-the-art facilities.


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Web Development

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Ongoing Support

The Journey

The Challenge:

Despite the academy’s reputation, St. Johns Soccer Academy faced challenges in reaching its target audience effectively. The academy needed to establish a robust online presence that showcased its training programs and facilitated parent engagement, easy payments, and practice schedule updates. The academy sought a comprehensive solution to enhance online visibility, streamline parent interactions, and boost business growth.

Tools We Used


Solution Provided by i95 Design

To address the challenges faced by St. Johns Soccer Academy, i95 Design developed a comprehensive solution that included the following:
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Responsive Website Design:

Naej & Co. recognized the significance of responsive web design in today’s mobile-centric world. They crafted a website that seamlessly adapts to various devices and screen sizes, ensuring an optimal user experience for both parents and potential students. The website’s design incorporated the academy’s brand identity, ensuring continuity across all online platforms.
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Results and Impact

The collaboration between Naej & Co. and EETS yielded remarkable outcomes. Following the website’s launch, the business experienced an impressive growth of 56%. The strategic SEO implementation successfully propelled EETS’s website to higher positions on search engines, generating increased traffic and attracting potential clients.

Moreover, the mobile-friendly design empowered customers to access EETS’s services effortlessly, significantly boosting online bookings. Client feedback on the website has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the ease of navigation and the intuitive interface.

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