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Web Design & Development

A Proven Design Process

No two projects are the same, so we delve deep into your business, as well as the needs and desires of your target audience, to ensure that your grand ideas and overarching vision can truly come to life in front of potential customers. 

Custom WordPress Solutions

So much more than just a template, our customized solutions harness the power of WordPress to elevate your brand via robust content management capabilities and an alluring user experience.

Winning Technical SEO Insights

Working in harmony with the alluring forward-facing aspects of your site, our technical mastery behind the scenes situates you at the top of the most important search result pages in your area and for your audience.

Mobile Responsive Design

Lightning-fast load speeds, responsive features that accommodate screens of all sizes, and visually appealing design choices position our mobile-first sites to easily convert the 63 percent of all U.S. web traffic that originates from mobile devices.

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SEO Services

Ranking your site higher than ever before and tapping into a steady stream of quality, premium organic traffic happens with SEO services from i95 Design filling your pipeline.

Increase Visibility

Enhance your website’s visibility on impactful search terms, leading to more organic traffic than ever before.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Targeting the right audience with the right message positions you as the best search result possible for eager shoppers.

Boost Credibility

Garner increased trust and credibility among viewers thanks to top-level rankings on key terms.

Maximize ROI

Proper SEO offers a lasting, cost-effective way to generate loads of new leads and lock in more conversions.

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Content Creation

Content that is clear, concise, and creative engages shoppers in a meaningful way, all while guaranteeing that your message regarding products, services, and promotions sticks the landing.

Connect with Your Audience

Unique, well-crafted content builds loyalty and excitement with your audience, in addition to serving as an open invitation to keep coming back for more.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Optimized content is integral to improving search engine visibility and driving organic traffic to your site.

Showcase Expertise

Well-researched content establishes you as a leading voice in your market and attaches credibility to your brand.

Drive Conversions

Online window shoppers shift into happy customers in a hurry when presented with persuasive and enticing content.



Your brand is more than just a logo or name; It represents the promise you make to your customers. We craft unforgettable brand assets that resonate with your audience and truly set you apart from the competition.

Create Recognition

A well-crafted brand establishes recognition and familiarity among your audience.

Outshine Competitors

Unique, memorable brands stand tall in a crowded marketplace.

Build Trust and Loyalty

Strong branding builds trust and encourages customer loyalty.

Drive Growth

Branding done right increases market share, increases customer retention, and enhances profitability.

Tools & Technologies

Bringing your vision to life requires the right tools. Some of the premium technologies we utilize include:

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Ready to Shift into High Gear?


What makes i95 Design's focus on web design and UI/UX different?

At i95 Design, we place a priority on simplicity, functionality, and accessibility. Our team creates user-friendly and seamless experiences, reflecting our dedication to minimalist, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing design. 

How long does the website development process take?

The timeline for website development depends on the project’s complexity and scope. However, we are committed to completing tasks efficiently, and most small business websites are typically completed within two or three weeks.

Can i95 Design also provide SEO services for my website?

Of course. even if you choose to remain with your current webmaster, we are happy to deploy our proven strategies and services on your behalf to increase your site’s visibility among search engines.

How can I request changes to my website?

Submitting a support ticket to our team that covers any requested changes is always the fastest way to update your site.

How difficult will it be for me to manage my WordPress website once you create it?

We encourage our clients to subscribe to one of our most steadfast beliefs: “Do what you’re good at best.”

Focusing on your business and letting us handle the rest for you is always our recommended approach. However, we also provide continued support for clients who wish to make manual updates to their websites.

How much does it cost to revamp an existing WordPress website?

No two projects are the same, so the cost for custom work and improvements on existing sites can vary based on the size of your site, new feature requests, your chosen hosting platform, and custom design requirements, among a host of other considerations. For a detailed breakdown covering your specific website, connect with us today for a comprehensive quote.

Can i95 Design handle custom projects?

We love custom projects. App development, email marketing campaigns, graphic design, social media advertising, PPC campaign optimization, Google Analytics consultations; When it comes to promoting your brand in the online landscape, if you can name it, we can do it.