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Web design and SEO strategy. Our primary focus was to provide a stream for clients to book transportation services in North East Florida.

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Client background

At i95 Design, we are proud of our ability to help small businesses by providing top-notch web design services. One of our successful collaborations was with Erick Executive Transportation Services (EETS). They trusted us to create a strong and visually appealing website to enhance their online presence and deliver accurate results. 


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The Journey

Identifying Client Needs:

Our first step was meeting with Erick’s team to thoroughly understand their requirements, target audience, and desired functionalities. The collaboration allowed us to gain valuable insights into their business objectives and set the foundation for the website’s design and structure.

The Challenge:

EETS approached i95 Design seeking a custom website that represented their brand identity and ranked prominently on search engines. The main obstacle was the company’s absence of existing online data, making building its online visibility from scratch essential. The goal was to create a user-friendly platform that allowed clients to book rides seamlessly and access crucial services, such as reporting lost and found items.

Tools We Used


EETS Website Design

Armed with a deep understanding of EETS’s vision, we crafted a brand-new website from scratch. The website’s architecture included a Services page, an Airport Transfer page, an About page, and a Lost and Found page. Additionally, we integrated a user-friendly booking system and a seamless process for reporting lost and found items, elevating the overall user experience.
We devised a multi-faceted solution that addressed their primary concerns:
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Aesthetic Appeal and User Experience

We employed a minimalist yet visually captivating design approach that showcased EETS’s commitment to professionalism and excellence. The website’s intuitive navigation and responsive design ensured optimal user experiences across devices, catering to their diverse clientele.

Strategic SEO Implementation

To tackle the challenge of ranking a new website with a limited online presence, i95 Design employed robust SEO techniques. We ensured that EETS’s website gained prominence on search engine result pages through in-depth keyword research, on-page optimization, and metadata enhancements.
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Mobile-Friendly Design

Recognizing the significance of mobile responsiveness in today’s digital landscape, we optimized the website to ensure a seamless user experience on all devices. Potential clients could now conveniently access the website on their phones, streamlining the process of booking transportation services.
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Results and Impact

The collaboration between i95 Design and EETS yielded remarkable outcomes. Following the website’s launch, the business experienced an impressive growth of 56%. The strategic SEO implementation successfully propelled EETS’s website to higher positions on search engines, generating increased traffic and attracting potential clients.

Moreover, the mobile-friendly design empowered customers to access EETS’s services effortlessly, significantly boosting online bookings. Client feedback on the website has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the ease of navigation and the intuitive interface.

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