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Erick Executive Transportation Services

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Client Background

Delivering premium service to business professionals, families, and groups of all sizes, Erick Executive Transportation Services (EETS) is a burgeoning business in Northeast Florida situated firmly on the cutting edge of luxury transportation.  While word-of-mouth and traditional advertising helped set a sturdy foundation for EETS, the organization’s desire to match this strong start with growth in the digital sector felt stymied due to the company’s minimal online presence. 


Consulting & Planning

Information Architecture

Web Development

Ongoing Support

The Journey

Identifying Client Needs:

To garner a deeper understanding of the organization’s target audience, uncover required site and infrastructure capabilities, and better understand the company’s unique brand vision, the i95 Design team connected with members of EETS leadership for a series of consulting meetings. This collaboration provided the basis for the architecture of the EETS website, the custom-crafted booking functionality found within it, and the ensuing domain optimizations and premium support required to continue building a successful digital presence.

The Challenge:

EETS maintained minimal online assets and possessed a basic website with limited functionality and no ability for visiting potential customers to book transportation digitally. Given this situation, the company requested that i95 Design craft a custom website that represented their brand identity and utilized sound technical SEO practices to rank prominently for key commercial terms on Google and other major search engines. Additionally, integrating a user-friendly platform into the website that empowered clients to book rides seamlessly, as well as report lost and found items and access crucial services, also stood as an important challenge to overcome on behalf of EETS.

Tools We Used


Erick Executive Transportation Services Website Design

With the complete picture and scope of the needs of EETS now leading the way, i95 Design’s team of web development experts began crafting an alluring new website from the ground up. Featuring site architecture that covered this luxury transportation company’s unique services, specialized product packages, and even tools for handling lost and found item claims, this multi-faceted solution equipped EETS with a modern digital presence and addressed all of their primary concerns with powerful, user-friendly solutions.
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Premium UI/UX and Aesthetic Appeal

Employing a minimalist, yet visually captivating design approach that showcased EETS’s commitment to professionalism and excellence served as the perfect medium for capturing the attention of users across a wide variety of screen sizes and form factors. With this in mind, the EETS website’s intuitive navigation and responsive design ensures optimal user experiences across all devices, which in turn allows the organization to cater more effectively to its diverse clientele.

User-Friendly Appointment and Service Booking

Additionally, integration of a user-friendly booking system served as a core function of this project that elevated the customer experience and brought EETS appointment booking into the modern digital landscape. Streamlining and simplifying the steps taken by the end user, all while installing a safe, secure infrastructure that discreetly transports sensitive customer data to EETS’ preferred customer relationship management (CRM) platform, offers up an ideal environment for increased conversions and elevated customer retention via future outreach and return bookings.
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Mobile-Friendly Design

Recognizing the significance of mobile responsiveness in today’s digital landscape, optimizing site design and asset development for on-the-go users stood as a foundational pillar of the EETS project. Thanks to an emphasis on mobile-first development, potential clients can now conveniently access the EETS website on their phones in a convenient , attractive, and easy-to-use environment that is conducive to simplifying and expediting the booking process on smaller screens. 
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The collaboration between i95 Design and EETS yielded remarkable results for all parties involved. Following the website’s launch, EETS experienced an impressive growth of 56 percent in bookings. The implementation of a refined, mobile-friendly site design and technically sound infrastructure successfully propelled EETS’s website to higher positioning and favorable treatment from Google and other search engines, thereby generating increased traffic and attracting an entirely new audience of potential clients.

Furthermore, after garnering the attention of a host of new viewers to their website, the easy-to-use, mobile-friendly design empowered customers to access EETS’ services effortlessly; an improvement that factored significantly into the aforementioned boost in online bookings. Adding in the fact that subsequent client feedback regarding the website exhibits an overwhelmingly positive tone (focusing heavily on the ease of navigation and the intuitive interface), it goes without saying that trusting in i95 Design to elevate their digital presence is a decision that will continue to pay dividends for years to come for the team behind Erick Executive Transportation Services.

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