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St Johns Soccer Academy

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Client Background

As a small, service-based business, St Johns Soccer Academy and its professional coaching staff provide premium soccer training and player development in the U12 category to families across Northeast Florida. Lacking an impactful online presence, the St Johns Soccer Academy team turned to i95 Design as they sought to bolster online visibility and take program enrollment to even greater heights. 


Consulting & Planning

Branding & Logo Creation

Web Development

Local SEO

Ongoing Support

The Journey

Identifying Client Needs:

An Initial consultation with St Johns Soccer Academy served to outline the organization’s target audience, illuminate desired site functionalities, and garner a deeper understanding of the company’s specific brand vision. This collaboration served as the foundation for the website’s design and structure, in addition to the development of a unique brand logo and additional supporting assets.

The Challenge:

Relying entirely on word-of-mouth growth, St Johns Soccer Academy maintained no previous online presence. This lack of digital visibility stood as both a challenge, and an opportunity. By crafting an elegant, user-friendly website from scratch and deploying impactful local SEO in tandem with this initial launch, this organization’s first steps into the digital world were poised to get off on the right foot.

Tools Used in Development


Logo and Branding Creation

Creating a logo that represented St Johns Soccer Academy and helped forge a memorable connection with local youth soccer players (and their parents) served as the jumping off point for this undertaking. After careful consideration, and several deep conversations that sought to uncover the client’s preferences and vision regarding branding, the i95 Design team crafted a stunning first draft of a completely custom, elegant logo. This logo featured the core imagery associated with the academy and a unique color palette that served to help the client stand out to passing eyes. While the client responded positively to the first draft, the design team sought additional feedback and worked through multiple iterations with St Johns Soccer Academy to ensure that the final product stands as a logo that this company is proud to have emblazoned on all branded materials.

St Johns Soccer Academy Website Design

Moving forward with in-depth knowledge of St Johns Soccer Academy’s unique vision and specific operational needs, i95 Design’s development experts set to work on an attractive new custom website that encapsulated these considerations in an alluring, lightning-fast user experience. Featuring custom pages detailing news from the academy, vital details regarding core tenants of the programs offered, and even a player roster with unique collectible trading card style breakdowns of spotlighted players ensured that players, parents, family members, and friends alike all stay connected and engaged in the burgeoning growth of these future soccer superstars.  
In terms of technical hurdles, St Johns Soccer Academy also required secure user-friendly assets to handle and manage program registrations and subsequent payments. This challenge was met with custom forward-facing tools that provided new and returning users alike with a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use payment processing and registration experience that places a priority on protecting sensitive transactional data and personal information. 
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Blending Alluring Aesthetics with UI/UX Considerations

Myriad users utilize myriad devices, so guaranteeing a cohesive, optimal, and enticing experience across multiple screen sizes and form factors was a prime directive in this project. By leveraging the power of responsive design, an intuitive navigation, and a focus on minimalism in on-screen assets, a clean, easy-to-use professional environment now awaits all prospective St Johns Soccer Academy applicants. 

A Focus on Local SEO

Unlike other brands that cast a wide net of engagement across a potentially national audience, St Johns Soccer Academy instead focuses on an entirely local service-based business model. With this in mind, deploying an SEO strategy tailored and optimized for exposure to local audiences was a paramount consideration throughout the project. Thanks to proper citation management, in-depth keyword research (with special importance paid to important local commercial search terms), strong technical underpinnings for on-page assets, and a host of other enhancements, St Johns Soccer Academy swiftly outpaced other local competitors who failed to enact an SEO strategy optimized for local reach.
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Designed with Mobile in Mind

With mobile users generating 313 percent more site visits compared to traditional desktop viewers last year (Sydney Go, HubSpot, 2024), crafting a premium mobile user experience on behalf of St Johns Soccer Academy became a top priority. Thanks to a custom, refined experience suited perfectly for on-the-go users, customers of St Johns Soccer Academy now enjoy a convenient, streamlined mobile experience that presents core functionality in a form factor that is perfect for mobile screens of all sizes.
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Collaborating with St Johns Soccer Academy generated outstanding results for all parties involved. For St Johns Soccer Academy specifically, garnering prime position on highly sought after commercial search terms translated to increased enrollment and the need to launch expanded cohorts to accommodate rising demand for the organization’s professional training services. Thanks to the mobile-friendly design implemented in this project, engagement with users and time spent on site (both by existing customers and prospective applicants) rose dramatically.

As for i95 Design, successfully launching St Johns Soccer Academy’s new website, deploying local SEO services that generate real results, and supporting this client in the ensuing months as they sought to make slight tweaks and updates to their content and other on-site assets has led to two exciting outcomes: Yet another satisfied i95 Design client, and one more local business here in Northeast Florida thriving in an ever-changing digital landscape. 


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